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The Science of Service Story

Powered by technology. Driven by data. Made exceptional by people.

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Redefining an industry starts with a restless desire to create something better.

At Mitie, we recognised it was time to rewrite the rules of Facilities Management. We saw the value of combining innovation with intelligence, applying the power of technology to create lasting impact for people and planet.

After all, buildings and workspaces are about so much more than the walls around them.
It’s the people within them, the progress they enable, the environment that surrounds them, and the communities they serve, that give them meaning. It was time to rethink these spaces for the future.

So, we’ve reframed the conversation – from short-term savings to long-term value, and from quick wins to lasting positive change.

We’ve pushed the boundaries of what technology can do to transform our business and what we can do for you. We’ve challenged ourselves to go beyond the status quo, investing in the creation of the most innovative and intelligent cloud-based platforms. Unrivalled in our industry.

We call this the Science of Service®.

Because there’s a science to keeping infrastructure running; to making spaces flex to changing needs; to keeping people safe and supporting them to be more productive. And there’s a science to having the instant reassurance that a job has been done, and to having total transparency of your operations.

There’s a science to knowing what’s around the corner, and how to respond. Whether that’s processing over 8 million data points every day delivering the intelligence to help you make smarter decisions faster, or the innovation we bring in achieving the most ambitious decarbonisation targets.

Through the Science of Service, our dedicated people deliver the exceptional every day for you. It’s creating more rewarding careers and giving our workforce the skills to build a better future.

Our vision for how we can make things better: for you, your people and for the world we all live in, inspires us every day.

Powered by technology. Driven by data. Made exceptional by people.

This is the Science of Service.

This is just the start.

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